Yateley Asbestos Air Monitoring

Asbestos surveys YateleyAirsafe Analytical Ltd. carry out Asbestos air monitoring in Yateley in accordance with the procedures stated in the current HSG 248 entitled "Asbestos: The analysts guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures" from the Health & Safety Executive.

Health & Safety Executive - Asbestos: The analysts' guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures

There are several reasons why air monitoring for asbestos is carried out. The main ones are described below.

Background Asbestos Air Monitoring

Background air monitoring is conducted to establish airborne fibre concentrations prior to any activity that may lead to airborne asbestos contamination or in specific locations with known asbestos based materials.

Leak Asbestos Air Monitoring

Leak air monitoring is carried out outside the enclosure/work area while work is in progress. It is undertaken to verify that the control measures are adequate to control asbestos fibre release to the outside.

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Four Stage Clearance Asbestos Air Monitoring Yateley

Asbestos Air Monitoring YateleyFour stage clearance air monitoring is undertaken following the removal of asbestos based materials (generally notifiable materials such as insulation boards, insulation and coatings) under fully controlled conditions. This will enable a Certificate of Reoccupation to be issued to assure those reoccupying the area that it is safe to do so.

Stage 1
Check for job completeness: the site and paperwork is inspected to ensure set-up is correct and matches the plan of works and notification form submitted to the HSE. The enclosure is not entered at this point.

Stage 2
Thorough visual inspection: the inside of the enclosure is checked to ensure all asbestos has been removed as per the plan of works. The inspection includes looking for any asbestos debris.

Stage 3
The air test: when the analyst is satisfied that the area is clean and tidy, they will run the air test inside the enclosure. The number of samples taken depends on the size of the area. All surfaces are brushed down to ensure no fibres remain.

Stage 4
Assessment of site for reoccupation: the site is checked for cleanliness again once the enclosure has been dismantled.

Reassurance Asbestos Air Monitoring

Reassurance air monitoring is conducted to determine asbestos fibre concentrations upon completion of the assessment of site for reoccupation (final stage of four stage clearance air monitoring) or following the removal of non-notifiable asbestos containing materials (such as vinyl floor tiles, cement products, textured coatings) or following the disturbance of suspected or identified asbestos containing materials.

Personal Asbestos Air Monitoring

Personal sampling is conducted to assess whether or not the personal exposures of workers comply with the relevant control limits and to determine the suitability of respiratory protective equipment being used.

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